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Grooming Team  

Jackie Palmer

Jackie's grooming career started in December of 1990. She started at a company named "Pride 'N Groom". She started as a bather. The owner of "Pride 'N Groom" asked Jackie if she wanted to try her hand at grooming on her 2nd day in the shop. Her very first dog she ever groomed was an Old English Sheepdog named Farrah. Taking all day and asking over and over if her boss was sure she was done, Jackie was hooked. Her following day of work she was given a small white poodle. Her boss said, "You see the picture?" Make the poodle on your table look like the one in the picture." She was and always will be very grateful to her first boss and mentor. After 4 years working for Pride 'N Groom, Jackie purchased the business an​d ran it until July of 2001 when she moved to Lehigh Acres, Florida. She found employment with a small grooming shop. 3 years later in 2004 she bought that shop and has owned it ever since.  

Melissa Corteselli

Melissa is the office manager and bather for Stand By Me Dog Grooming & Training. She has been around the dog grooming & training world since she was born. She started working for Jackie part time when she was in Middle school. Coming in and answering the phones, booking appointments and generally keeping the office in order. She has an extensive compassion for the clients, and it shows. 

Rachael Conlee

Rachael came to Lehigh Acres in 2007. She had just started her grooming career about 3 years prior in Indiana. She is excellent at grooming. Her compassion for the dogs is never ending. On a family referral Jackie hired Rachael over the phone. Her "interview" was done as she was driving to Florida from Indiana. When she did arrive, she started immediately. She is exceptional in grooming puppies and other harder to groom dogs. Her patience is her best quality.    

Training Team:

Jackie Palmer

Jackie founded Stand By Me Dog training in July of 2021. She has been an avid dog lover since childhood. In 2001 she moved to Lehigh Acres from Long Island, NY. She found employment with a grooming company that also did classes in obedience. Upon successfully completing the basics courses Jackie’s passion grew for training. She started training basic classes in 2002 with a small puppy class. The class did so well that she continued her students into passing all three levels of the Canine Good Citizen, (CGC), evaluations. Being around dogs since she was a baby has had an advantage for Jackie. Not only has she been a groomer since 1990, but she and her crew have been voted “Best Groomers in Lehigh Acres” for the last 7 years in a row. Her compassion for dogs really shows when she is training. In 2017 Jackie volunteered with an obedience company that trained service dogs. She would travel out to Cape Coral three nights a week to train herself and the service men & women that needed PTSD relief service dogs. Many started asking her about having classes here in Lehigh. In 2020 she started classes here in Lehigh. She has completed the AKC Evaluator coarse and is a Certified AKC evaluator. Since opening her classes to civilians in need her classes have doubled in size. She has new / beginner classes starting every 8 weeks. Whether you are looking to have a dog just be an obedient dog or are looking to have a legit service dog, Stand by Me Training is always here to help.

Skeeter Kise

Skeeter is a retired Marine. He met Jackie in 2018 at training classes for him and his service dog. In 2019 he became Jackie's assistant trainer for the first of the Lehigh Acres service dog classes. When he was in the Marines, he was a dog trainer. He learned a lot about how dogs are used and trained. In 2020 they joined forces and formed Stand By Me Service Dogs.  Since the onset of classes Skeeter has been a valuable asset to training classes. He and his dog Loki are an inspiration to anyone starting out in classes. The bond they have is inseparable. Skeeter completed his assistant hours mid 2021 and took his evaluators test. Making him a certified AKC CGC evaluator.

Monica Popaduke

Monica came to Stand By Me Dog training to get her dog trained to be her service dog. After 1 year of working with the trainers, her and "Kiak" became a team. She is now working on being our assistant trainer. Her goal is to become a certified evaluator and trainer. 

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